A full featured MLS real estate listing application. MLSClassified.com includes electronic commerce, sophisticated database queries, user management search engine optimization, web site encryption and other features. The application was developed using Ruby and Rails.
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Gospel Software
Gospel Software provides online tools to ease church administration. Lojic Technologies was responsible for developing the church membership management and online photo directory product as well as a portion of the common infrastructure such as billing, credit card processing, user management, etc. The member management product and common infrastructure was developed using Ruby and Rails.
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Andrea Adkins
An online gallery featuring original paintings by Andrea Adkins.
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Kegs & Kans
A simple brochure page for a local retailer.
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Certified Form
Travis Sasser's overall web site was designed & developed by a third party.The web site originally contained a single page web form containing over 300 input elements. After clients filled out the form and submitted it to Travis' office via email, the data then had to be tediously reentered by Travis' staff into their bankruptcy management software. Lojic Technologies created a Ruby on Rails web application containing sophisticated data validation logic to handle the form processing. The new web application also allows importing directly into the bankruptcy management software saving many hours of effort.
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Veterinary Practice Web Sites
A set of six simple one page web animal hospital web sites were developed for a single owner. In addition, a summary web site with Google Map integration and links to the individual web sites was developed and optimized for search engines. Search engine results for target phrases are typically in the top 3 results. The owner has noted a five figure increase in annual revenue from gaining new customers who consistently find the web site via Google searches.
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Humane Society of North America
The Humane Society of North America wanted a simple, one page, static web site to provide information regarding locations for low cost surgery.
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VeterinaryMLS.com provides a marketplace for the veterinary industry. The site provides a multiple listing service for buying & selling veterinary practices. The web site was developed with Ruby on Rails and includes extensive programming, state of the art security features & electronic commerce. VeterinaryMLS.com currently ranks very high for key search engine phrases such as: veterinary practice for sale
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